By design, stockd has a lot more than meets the eye. The main interface follows the 90-10 rule that we focus 90% of our tiem on inventory search, creating sales quotes, and order fulfillment — and we keep the rest of our tools tucked behind the menu.

the 90-10 rule interface
The 90-10 rule defines our interfaces
Inventory management is the fine art of knowing where your items are, and what you need to maintain to support your sales team. The emphasis is placed on accuracy, speed, and consistency which stockd achieves through clean and logical interfaces.
The sales department needs quick access to inventory knowledge. Critical questions such as “do we have it?” are easy enough. More important is “what are we selling it for?”,and, most important of all, “have we been able to get our asking price?”.
If you're in the business of selling items on “exchange”, we've got you covered with integrated returns management.
We didn't forget the warehouse management tools. From stocking locations to quick stock verification, we make it work for you.
Here's where it gets even better — with these additional features that transcend a single area