order fulfillment in stockd

stockd features highly automated and very fast conversion from a quote to an order. To begin, we click on order and get a list of all currently active quotes.* Clicking on a quote will instantly generate an order.
*actual customer names obscured in this screenshot
starting a new order
starting an order
In one click, the order is created and linked back to the original quote and the client. We're ready to add items.
one click order creation from the quote
one-click order creation
stockd looks at your quote for the included part numbers and assembles a list of all available inventory items — with full information on condition, location, current inventory value, and the quoted rates.
selecting inventory to fill the order
selecting inventory to fill the order
Once you select an item, it's attached to the order with pricing set according to your quote.
attached items take on quoted prices automatically
attached items
Selecting an attached item brings it up for editing. You can change pricing, add comments, or remove it from the order.
editing items on the order  
editing attached items
You can even switch right to the actual item from here if desired. We're going to mark it “gone” because it's about to ship.
switching direct from order to inventory item details
switching to the inventory item
The switch -gone sets the item condition and location in one click. From here, we can return to the order via the back button or a link present further down the screen.
making items gone direct from order
the item is now gone

returns record is linked to the order
the returns record is linked to the order
Additional updates on the order are easy. The logical next step is to mark the order as shipped and bill for it. Other steps will integrate with returns processing — usually in cases where you need to do additional billing for failure to return exchanges, etc.
updating the order status
setting current order status

updating the order details
updating order metadata
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