stockd is 100% mobile-friendly

From the start of our design process, we wanted an environment where you can switch from your laptop (convenient for longer text entries or cut/paste operations) to your mobile device (integrated camera, easier to carry around the warehouse). We take a great deal of care to make sure that everything can be done in both worlds, which means understanding the fundamental differences in the mobile environment — especially the “portrait” orientation of most smart phones* and the lack of a hover state**. Rather than get into more technicalities, here are some annotated screenshots of various features and the aspects we emphasize in the mobile environment.

To start with, we drop the “current area” you would see here in the menu — on a laptop, it would display “find items”, but here that's too crowded.

* when held in the traditional position, the phone view is tall and skinny — the opposite of a laptop
** touchscreens have no way to know a fingertip is positioned over a button so you can't do things like make it light up
menubar adjusted for mobile devices
the menu bar is shortened
In some cases, we can do columns, but never more than two. The display has to be clear and easy to read and “touch” the item you want.
multi column display on mobile devices
multi-column display in mobile
Most of the time, search results are very information-dense, so columns will not work at all on mobile displays. We use item blocks with easy-to-read lines of text.
item block display on mobile devices
item-block displays
Colors can be leveraged to indicate the last item selected. Here, we're doing inventory verification. Darker items have already been verified, but the one we just clicked to verify is in blue until we take another action.
color indication of last selected item
use of color to indicate status
We want to preserve the shortcuts that stockd offers as user conveniences for often-taken actions, so we scale them down to fit, rather than just remove them.
shortcuts scaled down to fit mobile devices
“down-sized” shortcuts, llc
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