finding inventory items in stockd

Search is an integral part of everyday management of inventory. stockd makes inventory lookup simple, fast, and effective. Please allow us to demonstrate by starting with basic search triggered from the link at the top.
basic inventory search
the basic search engine
Keyword search is the most common thing we do. stockd supports automatic search by part name*, part number*, serial number, item number, and even looks through the item notes*
* these are wildcard searches so you can use partial strings to get results faster,
keyword based inventory search
more specific keyword search
By use of more specific terms or part numbers, you can easily drill down into the results. You can also filter by item condition (shown below) and location.
extending search with more parameters
filtering by location
Another useful search method allows display of all items (optionally filtered by condition) in a specific location.
finding good items in specific locations
good items in location BOX 04
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