inventory cost management in stockd

Proper accounting for inventory costs is a headache. We understand that, and having dived into the theory of it extensively, have developed a unique “take”. The actual accounting is best left to the accountants — what we're interested in here is creating cost sources, defining the value with some reasonable documentation, and then discharging it by selling the highest-cost items in a SKU group first.
defining a new inventory cost source
setup to define a new cost source
As discussed in the blog, we support defining costs as a purchase, a set of repair/acquistion costs for one item, or a group purchase split amongst N sales. In all cases, stockd puts a name on the cost source, so you can easily find it in the search engine.
searching inventory cost sources
searching for a cost source
You can use unlimited notes* and sub-costs to categorize and explain/justify the accounting values for your inventory on the company balance sheet.
*some information obscured for confidentiality — this is from live data
updating inventory cost sources
updating a cost source
Cost source information is always listed in the connected item(s)* details. It's also made available in inventory search and quote item searches, because sound principles of accounting require sale of the highest cost inventory option first.
*by definition, the cost of a source group maps to more than one item — see theory here
cost source connection to actual inventory items
cost source in item details
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