integrated document management in stockd

stockd features the ability to upload documents up to 8MB in size and link them to almost anything in the system (including multiple links for one document). We support connection to inventory items, sales orders, return records, and even repair jobs. In this example, we're linking an arbitrary live photo to an inventory item.
preparing to upload direct from camera
preparing to take a photo
Once a document is uploaded, the editor is available to update the caption or to manage links. We're about to link to another "Quantum" amplifier using the search tool which looks for matches in inventory, orders, and repair jobs.
preparing to link additional inventory to documents
finding potential new document links
In this example, we linked two inventory items to one photo. Another common example is linking a photo of a customer return item to the item record and the sales order both. Or, how about linking a repair order to the repair job and the item being repaired? Since we support unlimited linkage, why not?
one uploaded photo linked to two inventory items
one photo linked to two items
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