generating sales quotes for customers in stockd

Quoting the clients is an integral function of stockd which means we have it on the top of every page.
starting a new quote
starting a quote
Quite often, we need to add a new prospect to our system. stockd makes it easy with just one extra field that results in automatic creation/setup of a new account as the quote is generated.
adding new clients while quoting
adding a new client
As the quote is created, stockd will notice if you need to add a client and handle it automatically. The quote “setup” mode provides for terms and conditions, private notes, and date-driven followup reminders. stockd also provides a one-step duplicator if you need to reuse an existing quote.
new quote ready to add items
the quote is ready to add items
Inventory is searched by name, part number (SKU) or item number. Matching results show the available item count, so you don't quote items you can't supply. Once a SKU is selected, you see full quote history to make informed decisions on pricing.
choosing an item to add to quote
adding a SKU from inventory
Once you're done quoting, it's one-click to generate a customized PDF or email.
updating items on the quote
generating the finished quote
The final quote you generate for the customer can include your own logo at any desired size and your customized terms and conditions. All of this is easily done on a smartphone, so you can generate quotes anytime, anywhere.
generating finished quote as pdf
customized PDF
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