followups in stockd keep you from overlooking things

Followups are deeply integrated into the stockd system, because even low-volume sales groups can easily overlook quotes that need attention, overdue return items, and a myriad of other events. The idea of a followup is an integrated notice that this needs to be attended to on/around that date.
triggering a new followup
triggering a followup
In the pop-up calendar, you pick a date when this item should receive fresh attention. This can be a suitable pause before a quote is checked on with the client, or a due date for an action to happen.
choosing the followup date
setting the followup date
In this general case, the followup has an action date, but no specific user-assignment. If you need to change it, just click the date and adjust it as needed (or clear it if the followup is no longer needed).
the followup has been created
the followup is set
The followup can be assigned to a specific user* using +assign to expose the active users list.
* in case you're wondering, you will still be able to see all open followups assigned to others.
assigning followup to specific user
assigning a followup
Followups are very important in stockd, so they get a position of prominence on the menu. The first number is the currently active followups either unassigned or assigned to this user. The second (red) number is the portion of the first that are overdue now.
triggered followups appear on the stack menu
followups on the ☰ menu
Your relevant followups are grouped by type ( quotes, orders, returns, repair jobs, and tasks). Within the group, each item has a direct link to the edit screen and a -clear switch to clear the followup immediately. Below your followup is a list of all other open items, in case you want to see if you are affected or have something to contribute.
followups manager has them grouped by type41
the followups list
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