Handling returns tracking in mystockd.com

Posted April 20, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

One of the biggest headaches in my decades of running warehouse management has been the handling of returns for exchange and restock purposes. This became a central goal of stockd — how to make returns management controllable and (relatively) easy.

A returns record is usually created on the order with a single yes/no question: “received item expected?” Answer “yes” there, and tracking is immediately invoked. We can forget this setting (and will, LOL), so here's another take. Our returns manager has an examine mode which finds items that stockd thinks should have a returns record — helping you to avoid overlooking critical inventory issues.

potential items needing returns management

The currently open returns are the default view for the returns manager and show the most critical points.

current open customer returns records in returns manager

Management of the details, including linking exchange items to the items old and closing out returns, are handled in the returns update tool.

updating an active returns management record

That's how we solved this thorny problem in stockd.

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